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These days we tend not to print our photographs, they may be stored on a memory stick or in a cloud somewhere from tablets/phones etc 
But there's nothing better than sitting down,  relaxing & physically looking at a photograph album, but don't just put them in a normal photo                                 album - make your own 
                        individual scrapbook/ photo album. 
It may be photos from your favourite holiday, family, new baby, wedding, pets, family tree
 - whatever you want
All you need to do is decide on what kind of album you want & print your photos to bring to workshop


  *If you want to book for more than 1 person please book individually for postage to be discounted


  •  Make your scrapbook interesting 
  • Tell a story funny or not 
  • Mention who's in the picture
  • where you where 
  • Add something memorable from a holiday (concert tickets, leaflets from various places etc. 
  • add congratulation cards for a new baby, anything from a baby shower etc 
  • add samples of wedding stationery, for a wedding album
  • add something that reminds you of your pet etc
  • add any newspaper cutting you have found for a family tree album
  • it doesn't matter what, as long as things are flat so book can be closed properly 
      Make a scrapbook for yourself or you could make a                               scrapbook as gift for someone.

 (Adults only)           

Included in the cost is a 12 x 12 Scrapbook with a variety of backing papers & embellishments, tea, coffee & biscuits also included.

All you need to bring is your 
own photographs

For more Information contact cheryl on 
or Email: cheryl_spedd@hotmail.com

                                            Terms & conditions
                I'm unable to offer Refunds due to covering costs
                                    Sorry for any inconvenience

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