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       Wedding Cake Toppers
             Various designs for toppers for your cakes 
including same sex toppers
Please allow 2 - 3 wks beforfe delivery as I may 

                              Set 1
These are more traditional designs

 £20 each

            Please Note - I've had to increase the price due to supplier

                                          Set 2 

     Different designs for
        Cake Toppers 
£18.50 each

'Cutting Cake' Wedding Cake  Topper. Beautiful on top of wedding cake from Crafty Chez



 Cutting Cake                                        Groom Putting Shoe on Bride


Bride & Groom with Football                        Bride & Groom on Bicycle 


                                             Set 3
      All these               cake toppers 
       are £20 each

  Want a comical cake topper     something funny & different
   < with Bride carrying Groom 

    Another comical cake topper 
      with Bride dragging Groom  >


<  Bride & Groom  
in Open Top 
Wedding Car


                                    Set 4
These designs are more to do with the 
Bride & Groom
on vehicles
£21.00 each

Bride & Groom 
               on Motorbike


Bride & Groom 
in Red Tractor

               Same Sex Cake Toppers 
                                    H 132 mm

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