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 Wedding Car Stationery Set

  • Save the Date Cards
  • 2 Invitation styles with or without RSVP Cards
  • RSVP Cards (without Invitations)
  • Order of Service
  • Menu
  • Easel Table Numbers 
  • 2 styles of Favour Boxes
  • Place Cards 
  • All Handmade, unique & not found on the high street

Please note - everything is made to order please allow 2 - 3 weeks  before delivery, if personalised, it may take up to 3 - 4 wks depending on quantity.

      Save the Date with Envelope
Approx size 12cm x 9cm

  Printed on 200gsm card with a gold mirror border

When you have placed your order, fill in the Save the Date form below & email back to me  

Save the Date Card.docx (DOCX — 14 KB)

               Save the date cards work out at 75p per card                  ______________________
   Invitations with or without Rsvp Cards
 (RSVP Card Approx size 12cm x 9cm) 
Day & Evening Invitations 
(all pictures show Wedding Invitation but can 
make them  with Evening Invitation on) 
Invitations with RSVP works out at £2.40 each
Invitations on their own work out at £1.75 each
Design printed on 200gsm Linen card with gold mirror border & backed on to 200gsm linen card

When you have placed your order fill in the Invitation insert form(s) & Rsvp below & email them back to me  
My Email: 



Rsvp Card.docx (DOCX — 15 KB)

                              Rsvp Cards 
           Printed on 200gsm card with a gold mirror border
                      (RSVP Card Approx size 12cm x 9cm) 

works out at 75p each

When you have placed your order fill in 
the RSVP form below & 
email back to me 
Rsvp Card.docx (DOCX — 15 KB)


                           Order of Service  

Background card is 250gsm Linen Effect card with 
    Wedding car design           printed on linen card             with a gold border



works out at £2.50 per Order of Service
When you have placed your order fill in the forms for
 the Front & Insert above & email them back to me 
My Email:   cheryl_spedd@hotmail.com
                The Menu  is A5 with a personalised front & Insert                                                 appropriate to your day
£2.50 each - If you want more Menus just add 1 to cart & it will take you to your basket, than add the quantity you want

When you have placed your order fill in the  forms for the Front & Insert below & email them back to me 
My Email:   cheryl_spedd@hotmail.com

Front of Menu.docx (DOCX — 13 KB)


Menu Insert.docx (DOCX — 14 KB)

                    Easel Table Numbers

        Different & unique 
      Table Numbers with 3
      small paper 3D flowers 
approx size 
H 21cm x w 9cm

(Each easel works out @ £4)

I can Personalise your Table Numbers by changing the number to a word 
 or you can make them totally unique with your own photos on
Place your order below & Email me the wording you want on 
each table number or the photos you want 
please leave your Name & Paypal Email so I can match order 
           Email:  cheryl_spedd@hotmail.com

Personalised with Words


Square Favour Box
Matching Favour Box with 3 cream small paper 3D flowers
Approx size: 9cm x 9cm x 2cm  

 £1.50 each


                     Triangular favour Boxes
Handmade with 3 small roses on front 
These can be folded flat for transportation
works out at £1.20 per favour box


      approx size triangle box 
    (H 7 cm x W14cm x D12cm)

Place cards can be personalised or plain for you to write the names on yourself

If You want them Personalised Place your order & then email me the list of names
        you want on Place Cards
                   Email:  cheryl_spedd@hotmail.com

approx size: 
W 8.5cm x
 H 5cm 


   works out at 35p per placecard

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