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Chocolate favours with a personalised card 

Pick your card & the chocolates you want on your card 

Chocolates are sold in box of 100 chocolates 

(you can just order chocolates & make up your own favours)

Cards sold in set of 10 (£1)  

or if you want personalised chocolate favours then order the cards you want & let me know your names & wedding date so I can personalise & make your favours 

Order via Email & Pay via Bacs payment 



Free P&P (UK Delivery Only) 

Card Designs 

Turquoise Heart Card 

Blue Heart Card 

Grey Heart Card 

Green Heart Card 

Red Heart Card 

Pink Heart Card 

Purple Heart Card 

Champagne Glasses Card 

Blue Flourish Card 

Green Flourish Card 

Pink Flourish Card 

Red Flourish Card 

Blue Lily Card 

Green Lily Card 

Orange Lily Card 

Pink Lily Card 

Red Lily Card 

Black Lily Card 

Lets see the Cake  Card 

Stairs Card

Wedding Car   Card 

Order of Service Card 

Jukebox Card 

Rock & Roll Card 

Winter Card 

Christmas Stockings Card

Christmas Tinsel Card 

Foiled Chocolate Hearts 

*Belgian Milk Chocolate *Suitable for vegetarians but not vegans  * may contain traces of nut 

*Please note - I do not have these in stock, so are ordered from my supplier & may take about 2 -3 wks before you receive them 50 chocolates are the minimum order

  Please Note - Chocolate Hearts have had a very slight increase in price

Sold in Pack of 100 Chocolates 

Order via Email & Pay Via Bacs Payment


£40 for 100 Chocolates of the same colour  40p per chocolate 

£70 for 200 chocolates (2 colours if you wish)  35p per chocolate

Teal Chocolate

Foiled Hearts 

Burgundy Chocolate

Foiled Hearts 

Chocolate Neapolitan's 

* Milk Chocolate * Suitable for vegetarians * Gluten Free

*Please note - I do not have these in stock, so are ordered from my supplier & may take about 2 -3 wks before your receive them

50 Chocolates are the minimum order (works out at 42p per chocolate)