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Elegant Items for Your Special Day

Handmade Wedding Stationery 

There are many things you need to take care of when planning a wedding. If you are searching for quality wedding items, turn to Crafty Chez in the United Kingdom. I offer different types of handmade wedding stationery. Choose your preferred design from a number of options. 

If you see a design you like & it's only as an invitation - get in touch as I can offer a wide range of stationery in the same design


Click on the pictures to take you to view & purchase my products in that range


Traditional Invitations

Unusual Shaped Invitations

Wedding Car Stationery Set

Couple Stationery Set

Love Birds Stationery Set  

Harry Potter Themed Stationery  

Skull Theme Invitations 

Tropical Beach Invitations 

Waterfall Invitations 

Mixes Flower Stationery Set 

Easel Table Numbers 

Purple Invitation with The Heaton Embellishment_edited.jpg

Luxury Invitations 

Sunflower Stationery Set 

Purple Stationery   

Alice in Wonderland Themed Stationery 

Budget Invitations 

Advice Cards 

Art Deco Pillow Boxes 

Same Sex Weddings

I've just designed some same sex invitations, click on pictures to view & purchase

Mrs & Mrs Invitations 
Mr & Mr Invitations 
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