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Like minded Creativity

I set up my craft group in 2021, when covid restrictions had lifted & I wanted to create a local group in my local area in Sheffield.

So I thought I'd give it a go & now I have regulars who love to come & it's now starting to grow.

There's so many knit & natter groups but I don't knit but like a good natter, I'm more of a papercrafter but enjoy a variety of crafts so thought why not open the group up to a variety of crafters & there Create, Craft, Knit & Natter was born.

It's a lot of fun & I have a friendly bunch, I have some friends that work together & live locally, & some friends that come for various parts of Sheffield as well as local & a few that come on their own but enjoy chatting to others.

Everyone chats away while enjoying their creative projects, some wonder round to see what everyone is doing & you may even pick up a tip or even fancy having a go at something new - I did this myself & was introduced to a mixed media format I had never heard of & had a go which was great fun (see the results opposite)

Monthly Craft Group in Woodhouse, Sheffield

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